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Axis College, the +2 wing of Axis Vidyashram, is looking for an Academic Coordinator to lead the academics 11th and 12th grade, and grow together with the institution. 

Job Description:

The ideal candidate should have ample experience with +2 teaching, working in teams and leading them, and being a mentor to students while also pushing them to perform to the best of their abilities. Being an academic coordinator means working together with teachers and students. If you are ready to grow your career as a teacher and a leader with Axis, apply today!

Axis is looking for a dynamic individual who is ready to be challenged, learn from their mistakes and grow along with Axis. The following responsibilities are merely a snapshot of what being an Academic Coordinator entails and should only serve as a reference. The ideal candidate should be a self-starter and be willing to take the initiative to work beyond what is asked of them. At Axis, we go above and beyond to ensure that each student has the best educational experience here. As such, we anticipate that the Academic Coordinator shares these values. Learn more about Axis here

Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Academic Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning the academic calendar to provide students with a transformative 10+2 education that is in line with the values of Axis and prepares them for a future of leadership, excellence and honesty in their interests and field.
  • Prepare a yearly academic plan, set goals for each quarter and implement those goals. 
  • Pursuing academic excellence for students and helping them achieve their academic goals
  • Conduct meeting with teachers, understand learning outcomes, coordinate and plan college-wide academics as per the learning outcomes
  • Mentor and support students to develop and manage their academics
  • Assist students in course selection and career planning 
  • Communicate and coordinate with parents, inform them of their child’s work and hold parent-teacher meeting to further the relationship and understanding between school and parents
  • Plan and execute quarterly exams
  • Evaluate students and teacher post examination, cross check to see if the academic plan was achieved or not. Provide feedback to students and teachers in pursuing their academic plan, and help them achieve it. 
  • Lead partnership with other colleges to hold programs and activities 
  • Plan and execute annual events such as sports week, annual function, inviting guest speakers on campus. 
  • Day to day oversight of student life including extracurricular activities 
  • Look after the mental health and well being of students and teachers 

Preferred Qualifications:

This position involves little to no teaching, rather, the position is primarily to be the academic leader and point of contact for all academic related things for Axis College. In addition to being able to do the duties highlighted above, we look for the following qualities in an Academic Coordinator:

  • MPhil or Masters in relevant subject preferred
  • At least 5 years of experience teaching in an academic setting and/or administration 
  • Interpersonal skills – experience working with teams, in teams and leading teams
  • Respectful of students and teachers
  • Effective management style that encourages participation, innovation and confidence.
  • Enthusiasm for taking on initiatives and being a self-starter
  • Performance orientated – sets and achieves high standards for self and others.
  • Flexible and adaptable style, responding positively to changing demands.
  • Ability to lead, coach and motivate
  • Computer skills, English skills and Nepali skills are a must 


How to Apply:

To apply, please send your CV/Resume (max 1 page), a cover letter explaining why you want to work for Axis and what makes you qualified to do so (max 1 page) to info@axisschool.edu.np with the subject heading “Academic Coordinator for Axis +2” 

If you feel that you need more space to explain your qualifications and that the given parameters are insufficient, please feel free to include any relevant information or document that will help us in choosing candidates.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of you applying, then your application isn’t confirmed. Please reach out to Axis (091-520141 or Facebook Messenger or email: info@axisschool.edu.np) if you don’t get a confirmation email. 

To apply for this job email your details to info@axisschool.edu.np


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