Your first step to Axis Vidyasharam

We are thrilled to have you at Axis. your journey will be like no other: you will learn, grow, make lifelong friends, be intellectually challenged and live the best moments of your life.

Your journey to studying at Axis begins now. To apply, simply fill up the registration form. you will then have to sit to give our entrance exam: the Axis Placement Assessment ® (APA). and if you pass the Axis Placement Exam, Congratulations you are now part of our community. It’s that simple. Apply today 


Applying to Axis

The Axis Placement Exam is our unique entrance exam that is tailored for each individual class you are applying to. If you are applying for science +2, we will test you in science, along with other general information a SEE passed prospective student is expected to know. Don’t worry, it is a very stress free exam, and a great way for you to visit us and get to know us more.

To know more about this exam, please come visit us at our school campus.



Simply fill up the online admission registration form for free today.



Sit down for our entrance exam: Axis Placement Assessment ® (APA)



If selected, submit required documents and join our community of learners and leaders.


Getting financial aid

At Axis, we pride ourselves in providing excellent financial aid in the form of scholarships to our most promising and deserving students.

At Axis, we provide various scholarships to students. We provide scholarships to students from under resourced and marginalized communities. We also have sports quota for scholarship and we also provide scholarships to exceptionally talented students such as distinction holders.

Now accepting applications for PG to +2.

We are now accepting applications from PG to +2. Join us to pursue your passion. Our Classes in +2 Science, Law, Management, Computer Science and Hotel Management are like no other. Apply to secure your future and become a leader.